Colonial San Martin is a new community development in San Martin, Nicaragua. Nestled on the pacific coast on the southern side of the country this area is a rare gem in the world today. It's remote enough to feel at peace but close enough to the capital that you can get anything you need, when you need it. You may not have ever heard of the village San Martin but you probably heard of it's more popular neighbor, the town of Popoyo, just a few kilometers away.

Popoyo is also known for it's world class surf break. Soon the International Surfing Association (ISA) will be hosting the international championships there and bring thousands of tourists to the already exploding area. The great surfing isn't limited to just Popoyo... There are a dozen world class breaks all within 15 minutes driving. The area truly is a surfers paradise.

Colonial San Martin is development created by "Ex-Pats" and is located roughly 200 meters from a completely undeveloped beach. You can walk to the ocean in just about 90 seconds. Nearby are natural tide pools to cool off during the warm days here.

Want fine dining and resort style luxury? Punta Tenoste is a 2 minute drive up the road. Also within minutes you have La Jolla Guasacate, Hotel Popoyo, Magnific Rock, and Rancho Santana just to name a few.

Better yet, want to prepare your own meal that would rival any fine dining restaurant? You have everything you'd need at your fingertips. El Astillero is a small fishing village that's just a 5 minute drive away. There you can get fish and lobster, caught just hours prior, for amazing prices. There are also farms and butchers in the area to get all natural meats. Fresh fruit and veggies will be driven to the community by vendor trucks all day long. Just listen for the voice on the loud speaker, step out to the road, and grab the items you need. Everything fresh and simply the best!

Feeling a bit home sick? There's a huge ex-pat community here. Make new friends and enjoy some time chatting about "back home," wherever that may be. There is a very worldly representation here. USA, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico are just a few the countries represented in this local ex-pat community. People who are retired to just people living the dream all get together to talk about the day, the surf, the fish, and the life offered in coastal Nicaragua.

Yoga, scuba diving, horse back riding, surf lessons, fishing charters, sailing, hiking, nature, amazing climate, and friendly people are just a few of the perks of the area surrounding Colonial San Martin.

Want to know more? My name is Peter Sanchez, please send me an email at peter [at] colonialsanmartin [dot] com and I'd love to fill you in on the rest!

Gotta run now... The surf is up ;)