Welcome to San Martin, Nicaragua...

Pristine beaches, friendly locals, affordable prices, and a large expat community are just a few of the reasons that this corner of Nicaragua is considered paradise.

Surfers, retiree's, and modern day tech warriors are developing their own piece of this pacific gem. Fresh seafood, small and large resorts, and a dozen world class surf breaks are all within a few minutes drive of Colonial San Martin.

Live in Paradise Now

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Colonial San Martin

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Affordable Pacific Ocean Living In A Tropical Paradise

No longer just a dream...


Unlike many countries, Nicaragua is very foreigner friendly in both business and land ownership. You own your property, free and clear.

Surfers Dream

Popoyo, Gigante, and Colorados are just a few of the dozen world class surf breaks that are within minutes of Colonial San Martin.


Owning a vacation escape, or a retirement dream house, in a tropical paradise has never been easier or so affordable.