Colonial San Martin

About Colonial San Martin.

Colonial San Martin is a community of neighbors -- friends -- who love the area of Popoyo, Nicaragua, the people, the beaches, the expats, the lush hills, the resorts, the surfing, the fishing, the tide pools, the natural beauty, the... You get the idea.

In May 2014 it was just a big patch of open field, 4 "manzanas" (roughly 7 acres) in size. The project started and has grown, slowly, into what is is today: a fully developed 21 lot community, complete with roads, fencing, water and electricity.

The ocean is only 200 meters away from the community. Every lot can hear the waves crashing. The higher lots have ocean views. The lush forest gets in the way of ocean views from all lots but mountain views help make up for it. Besides, with more than a dozen beautiful beaches with world class surf breaks in the area, it's hard to complain.

Live in Paradise Now

The Story

In April 2014 I was in my Los Angeles, CA office looking at property for sale near the beach. Millions of dollars here, millions there. I mean, who can actually afford this? It definitely wasn't me.

My co-worker asked if I'd thought of Nicaragua? He said it's a hundred times cheaper and he had some friends who'd been living there for about 15 years. After all the usual questions about safety, food, etc. were answered I was seriously interested in learning more.

Turns out his friends in Nicaragua were actually in LA visiting at the time and we arranged a meeting. His friends invited me down for few days to stay with them at their beach house in Guasacate. Three weeks later my buddy Andrew and I arrived in Nicaragua.

The first time I saw Guasacate beach I was blown away. It's safe to say that it was love at first sight. The more I explored and learned the more I just kept falling for Nicaragua. The people are hard working and friendly, the sun is shining, the waves are pumping, and the land is cheap!


Our 2014 official announcement that we've arrived.

By August 2014 -- just 3 months after my first trip to Nica -- I had bought the nearly 7 acres that has now become Colonial San Martin. Like most of my life's adventures, I just dove right in!

Since I was building everything myself without any investors, I took my time. It's been slow, slower than planned, but worth the wait. I'm very proud of how far the project has come and excited about the community forming here.

I have more plans for the community as well. A club house to start with a nice rancho and bbq area. Then later a community swimming pool for those days that we don't feel like walking to the beach just 2 minutes away.

In other words... the story continues.