Good news for the entire Popoyo / Santana / Iguana area! A little over a week ago it was confirmed that the plan to pave the road from Ochomogo to Las Salinas was approved.

Announcing the new road project from Ochomogo to Las Salinas
Announcing the new road project

It's a 30 million dollar project that will offer paved back roads to the area allowing people to skip going through Rivas just to avoid bumpy roads. It will also shave about 30 minutes off the drive from Managua.

Ochomogo is a bridge and village located on the edge of the Rivas department (think of a department like a county) and is about a 30 minute drive from the city of Rivas.

Las Salinas is a small pueblo (village) that's basically located right in the center between Popoyo village and Guasacate village. It's the perfect entry point to the entire area.

Basically this new road (well, the road already exists but it will now be paved) will allow all cars to take the back route shortcut. Currently the road is an unmaintained dirt road and can be a little complicated for sedans or smaller cars to navigate it. Usually you don't want to take the road unless you have an SUV or truck.

Now, anyone should be able to take the back route. Like I mentioned above, this should save 30 minutes minimum on the drive to the area. Making it that much more accessible will only bring more visitors in and drive up property values. Great news for those of us who chose to get here early and invest in the area.

The good news is there's still time. The project is scheduled to start soon but it will be roughly 2 years before it's totally completed. So for those who are considering purchasing property in the area, you're going to want to move fast to get the biggest value increase possible in the coming years.

As always, anyone interested in our community can checkout the investors kit or email me directly at [][mail].

Update 10/27/2020 #

Ochomogo to Las Salinas road - Financing confirmed
News article confirming the road financing

Here is a news article confirming the financing. This is the first major infrastructure project approved in the last 3 years. So this is pretty exciting for the whole region!